Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Casting Crowns/Carrie Underwood

Two completely different shows in two days. That's a rarity for us but both shows went off without a hitch. We would like to apologize for the rain during last night's Carrie show, but we can't control everything!

We'd like to hear your thoughts on the shows. Did you attend either (or both)? What was the highlight (or highlights)? What could we improve?

Thanks for your input.


bgtutor said...

I liked both concerts. I was disappointed because Carrie didn't sign autographs, but her show was great... could have been longer. The staff was great, but I did smell cigerate smoke several times and no one did anything about it. I like the more and more shows we are getting at the arena. Everyone I know likes the concerts the BEST. I go to every country there is. I wish SUGARLAND would come back soon. Love the new website.

Judy said...

I think the new website is very good. I would like to see more Horse Shows come to Bancorp Arena.
Also would like to be notified of shows via email, perhaps a place we could sign up and receive email notifications?

Todd said...


You can sign up for email updates here:

mamalynnhenning said...

If you're at BCS 1/10 & 1/11 for the SALTIMABANCO show, come stay at the Days Inn! We've got great rooms and great discounts!